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Guidance for corporate foreign language services (such as English, Mandarin, and Japanese)

Language World has extensive experience in providing corporate language training for businesses and corporate employees in Hong Kong.

private_iconPrivate class

Corporate training

We understand that there is not enough time and energy for employees to study a foreign language due to the busy working schedule in Hong Kong, but having a strong command in English, Mandarin, or other languages is essential for the workplace. That is why Language World can arrange our experienced native teachers to visit and hold lessons at the student’s office. Our course material focuses on improving an employee’s communication skills at work and in daily situations, but clients may also request to use their own material or curriculum. We also offer a flexible schedule and different study plans, such as short-term, intensive training for new employees.

group_iconGroup class

Group (3-5 students) lessons

Regular group lessons are available for any students from Monday to Sunday. Employees are welcome to come after work to join our evening classes, which are available from 7:30pm to 9:30pm on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons are also popular hours for workers to attend group lessons. Weekend classes typically run all day until 6:00pm. With so many options available, we are confident that there will be a suitable time for corporate students to purse their study.






湾仔(ワンチャイ)にあるLanguage World校に通っていただき、レッスンを受講頂くコースです。お仕事が終わってからのレッスン、週末土曜日、日曜日のレッスンなど、ビジネスパーソン向けのクラスを多数ご用意しております。昼間は奥様クラス・キッズクラスなど、ご家族向けのクラスが充実しております。

The features of Language World
bulletp The teachers are all navtive speakers whose speak native language of their nations, we have adopted based with an emphasis on good experience, qualifications and humanity.
bulletp We have prepared lessons of improving dayly life and business conversational skills according to the student purpose and level.
bulletp During the learning period, lecturer and Japanese staff will give full support. (Please contact us to request the level checking test, individual evaluation sheet and attendance report. etc)
bulletp We have prepared a variety of courses (beginner to professional proficiency) such as the qualification exam oriented preparation course, business English class, daily life conversation class.
bulletp We have provided our candidates changable classes, absence leave policy and system of transferable lesson.
mail  If you have questions about learning objectives, schedule, period and budget, please feel free to contact us anytime.