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Types of Lessons at Language World
At Language World, we offer a variety of lessons for you to choose from
  • The most popular lesson

    group_iconGroup lesson

    1 class:3~5 students
    1 lesson:50 minutes
    Two lessons per week
    Lesson at school

    bulletp 3 levels of study: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced based on level check
    bulletp Practical lessons and topics about the workplace and everyday life
    bulletp Relaxing environment to help you speak with confidence
    bulletp Small class system and attentive, friendly native teachers
    We recommend this course for:
    Beginner・・・For new learners who want to have fun learning a new language
    Intermediate Level・・・For people who want to learn a variety of expressions and improve communication skills
    Advanced・・・For people who want to be able to communicate fluently with native speakers
  • One teacher to one student

    private_iconPrivate class

    1 class:1 student only
    1 lesson:50 minutes

    bulletp Available for students of all levels
    bulletp Native teachers who focus specifically on your needs
    bulletp Intensive schedule to help you improve in a short period of time
    We recommend this course for:
    For people who want to improve in a short amount of time
    For people who want to focus on improving their weakness
    For people who want to learn useful language for work or for fun
  • For Business English

    corporate_icon Corporate Training Class

    1 class:1 student 1 lesson:50 minutes
    Number of students and time of lesson can be adjusted according to your company’s needs

    bulletp Our teachers can travel to student’s office to hold lessons
    bulletp Saves time and money in student’s busy schedule
    bulletp Short term intensive program available
    We recommend this course for:
    Beginner・・・For people who want to speak confidently for the first time at work
    Intermediate Level・・・For people who have a limited amount of vocab and expression to express themselves
    Advanced・・・For people who want to improve their negotiation skills and master the language for work




Lesson styles and progress plan
that is suitable for you
  • plane_icon

    Private lesson is like taking an airplane. It gets you to your goal in a hurry.

  • train_icon

    Bullet trains go directly to your destination without stopping for any traffic signs. Seats are also comfortable.
    Group lesson at Language World is just like taking a bullet train.

  • bus_icon

    Buses are crowded and need to make constant stops due to red lights and traffic jam.
    Commuting on a crowded bus is like taking lessons at other schools.